Transition from 8th Edition to 9th Edition MA State Building Code 780 CMR

4 Hours (4 Hours Code)


This information-packed presentation covers many of the significant changes regarding 1 and 2 family dwelling code based on the IRC 2015 Edition. Examples of areas addressed include accessory structures, alternative materials, story height, stairs and stairways, insulating, fire protection, ventilation, footing size, balconies, decks, fastening schedules, foundation anchorage and drainage, grouting requirements, siding, roof preparation and materials, energy efficiency, Plan Review Application Forms, Compliance Path, Stretch Code, log homes, questions and much more.

Once you've purchased this course, you’ll be able to access it from your computer, tablet, or phone. The course includes a variety of interactive learning tools, including video presentations and quizzes. You can complete the course activities all at once or gradually over time. At the end of the course, you’ll need to complete a brief online evaluation to make sure you’ve learned the material. Once you pass the evaluation, you’ll earn a certificate stating that you’ve successfully earned the credit hours for the course. Please note that courses are accessible for six months from the date of purchase, after which they will no longer be accessible. Certification of course completion can be applied to one licensing cycle only.
Michael McDowell is the President of a conglomerate of companies offering construction, real estate and home inspection services. He is the past president of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Massachusetts, past president of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Western Massachusetts as well as past Chairman of the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Home Inspectors. Mr. McDowell is a Certified Building Official by ICC, a Massachusetts Licensed Construction Supervisor, a Massachusetts Licensed Mason, a Massachusetts Licensed Home Improvement Contractor, a Licensed Home Inspector in MA, CT and NY, a Massachusetts Certified Title 5 Septic System Inspector, a member of the Massachusetts Historical Commission and educator of Builders, Remodelers, Realtors & Home Inspectors.

Continuing Education for Construction Supervisor License Holders

Required every two-year renewal cycle. To be completed within the two years prior to current expiration date. Holders cannot re-use a previously submitted CEU’s. All Construction Supervisor License holders are required to complete the appropriate number of continuing education each two-year renewal cycle as described in (Section R5.4.2.)

License Categories

A qualifying licensee must provide proof of completion of required hours of continuing education per two year license cycle in the appropriate category in which the licensee is licensed.

Unrestricted Construction Supervisors License - 12 Hours Required
Restricted Construction Supervisors License (One & Two-Family Dwellings) - 10 Hours Required
Specialty Construction Supervisors License - 6 Hours Required (Exception - Building officials who are certified and in good standing in accordance with Section R7 are exempt from Section R5.4.)

Required Topics

The following hour(s) of continuing education topics are required regardless of selected License Category:
  • Code Review - one (1) hour**
  • Workplace Safety - one (1) hour
  • Business Practices / Workers’ Compensation - one (1) hour
  • Energy (except Demolition Specialty License) - one (1) hour
  • Lead Safe Practices (only first renewal cycle) - one (1) hour
The remainder credit hours to be completed by approved electives. (Section R5.4.2 Hours.)

**Please note that effective January 1, 2018, the number of hours required for Code Review will increase from one (1) to four (4)

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License Requirements

Effective 1/1/18, MA Construction Supervisor license holders can enroll in a maximum of 6 hours of on-line professional development within every 2 year licensing cycle, with the remaining professional development hours needed being LIVE instruction. License holders may enroll in additional on-line courses beyond 6 hours, but those hours would not be accepted towards your licensing professional development requirement in that 2 year period.

Unrestricted Construction Supervisor
12 Hours Required

Restricted Construction Supervisor
10 Hours Required

Specialty Construction Supervisor
6 Hours Required

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